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Open a Company In US | Accounting In The US | Invest In The US

US : +1 (305) 824-9100 | BR : + 55 (11) 3957-1612

How to open a company in the US | Income Tax in the US | Invest in the US
About America Expert:

America Expert is a company specialized in international consulting, whose objective is to develop strategies and provide solutions for clients looking to expand their business or open a company in the US. We operate in several areas such as Business Administration, Accounting in US, Law, Investments (Invest in the US), Marketing and Foreign Trade (import and export), supporting all process stages, in addition to tools to ensure the success of the business in the country.

Our company is strategically based in Miami – which allows us to offer tax advantages – with representation in Brazil and offices in both countries. With knowledge about both legislations (Brazil and the US), we are able to solve legal issues quickly, bringing intelligent output, saving time and money.
If you have an internationalization project and want to know how to open a company in the US, we are the best solution to turn your dream into reality with the minimal possible cultural shock
You can find some of our main services below:

Do you wish to know how to OPEN A COMPANY in US? Understand what the commercial advantages that can be the competitive key point in an ever-growing market are. You will no longer be just "another company" from Brazil and will show more credibility. With a branch of your company in the US, this becomes part... Saiba mais co...
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Looking for the best accounting and tax service in the US? One of the biggest challenges of the Brazilian immigrants in the US is to learn how to deal with the tax issue, in order to keep everything legal and avoid tax problems in the United States and Brazil. Many people, not knowing how to handle their accounting in th...
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America Expert knows that the business opportunities in Florida can be found in many areas throughout the state, making it the perfect place for individuals, who intend to live in the US and invest in new business! In the last years, sectors, such as tourism, building, international banks, biomedical sciences, health, a...
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Looking for more information about how to invest in the US? There are several reasons for the Brazilian to consider investing in the US. Despite of the global recession and the external pressure, the United State maintain their status as a vibrant and thriving market with stable economic, political and legal structures, o...
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Company owners usually have no available time and money, when the subject is logistics. The America Expert logistics service in the US offers not only the structure available to store your products and services, but also knowledge to provide you with exclusive offers and convenient ways to find references for products and ...
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Efficiency and objectivity. Acquire products with more competitive prices, offering more quality to its customers in Brazil. America Expert provides assistance to your company in acquiring and shipping US materials to Brazil. With the appropriate and correct assistance for the various procedures required to import mat...
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What must be established before you start selling in the US? You can start answering these basic questions: 1. Why do the US need my product? 2. Why the client would choose my product instead of the competitor´s? 3. How much will my cost of placing the product in the US be? 4. How much will revenues I generate...
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As a complete digital agency in Florida, our main target is to help your business grow. Your customers are online at work, home, using computers and mobile phones for business and leisure. They get socialized online, make friends while navigating, buy, explore, search information, news, products and services. Our job is to...
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For us, each client is unique and special!

America Expert welcomes you to the United States!
Want to know how to open a company in the US? Live, Buy, Sell or Invest? America Expert has the best solution, whether for your business or family.

Provide personal advice so that you and your family can culturally adapt to the US easily and with as little cultural shock as possible.

We will help and promote the expansion of your company in the USA.
America Expert is strategically located in Miami, since Florida offers great tax advantages. Because we are located here, we can offer a much bigger and better support for your company.

With qualified professionals who speak your language, our team has vast knowledge and a growing portfolio of clients;


5 tips from EXAME to take your business to United States.

With a better scenario on the domestic market, many Brazilians are takings their small companies abroad. The Brazilian brands appeal on the American market and often, they succeed achieving goods results from the international operation.

America Expert is recognized by Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios.

A company that has fulfilled all the previous steps and consolidated on the market can face another challenge: win the world. Familiarize yourself with the foreign territory helps determining all areas of your business.

America Expert – Concierge services for Brazilians in America.

The number of inquiries of Brazilian businessmen and foreigners interested in partnerships grew 60% in 2012 compared to the previous year. As a consequence, there are Brazilians not only making business in America, but living as well. So the request for Concierge Services increased a lot.

Galinha Pintadinha is the newest client of America Expert.

Looking to the US market, Bromelia US, a company responsible for the Galinha Pintadinha brand in the United States, has just signed a partnership with America Expert.