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America Expert LLC
America Expert LLC

Your Product in Brazil

Why hire this service? One of the key success factors for your business in Brazil is to be sure that you are doing the right thing and to the right clients.

Market  Research and Survey

Your Product in BrazilAmerica Expert helps you determine precisely and efficiently if your company’s efforts are being allocated assertively to the correct markets and target-markets, with the correct products.

This study is developed through a research and in-depth study of what your company offers in Brazil/country of origin, identifying your main consumers and/or importers. After this analysis, we study the feasibility of your product in the American market, considering the importation taxes, requirements to sell in Brazil and we also identify the main distributors and retailers in your business segment.

During the research, we also identify how your competitors work in the American market, prices, packaging, competitive differentials and everything else involved in sales. All these is studied to properly evaluate the feasibility of your product in the American market.

Once the research is completed, we develop the best and most indicated sales strategy for your company and product in Brazil.

By avoiding waste of time and Money, your chances of becoming successful in the American market grow exponentially.

Our service is customized, being adapted according to your company’s specific needs.

To receive detailed information on what we provide in our research and survey service, please contact us.

Your Product in Brazil

Promotional Activities

Once the product positioning study is completed, we define feasible and efficient promotional activities according to the client’s budget. The branding strategy in a new market and country takes time and if you are not sure about how the market works, you might end up spending much more than planned.

Our job is to make you have your brand known in Brazil with planned costs and budget. Besides, we offer, according to possible, options to minimize your costs.

For more information, please contact us.

Sales Representation

Besides developing the sales planning, we also offer service of sales and representation of your product through our network. We introduce your product and develop an after-sales analysis, that evaluates the acceptance of your product – which is very important to evaluate and develop new sales strategies.

For more information about sales representation, please contact us.


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