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America Expert LLC
America Expert LLC

How to open a company in Brazil

Why open a company in the Brazil? More credibility in the international market, what demonstrates commitment to clients and suppliers.

By opening a company in the Brazil you obtain a series of commercial advantages that are the key to success in an always-growing market. Having an Brazilian company means you will not be just another foreign company: you will be more trustworthy and dependable to your local client and especially to the Brazilian market, which becomes virtually inaccessible if you are not in Brazil.

By existing and operating in the USA, you become part of this market, being able to enjoy all the benefits that the Brazilian legislation offers.

Advantages of having a company in Brazil

  • Economy: once you have your American company, you can drastically reduce the costs of importation, no matter what the volume of products is, what enables you to negotiate more competitive freight costs.
  • Stock control: you can have your own stock in Brazil, what allows your company to deliver its products faster to the clients.
  • Better distribution network for you products both in brazil and abroad.
  • Opening of bank accounts and American credit cards with special credit conditions and low interest rates.
  • Possibility of tax exemption for products purchased in the Brazil.


The benefits of having your own company are virtually unlimited. Opening and managing a company with America Expert’s orientation is even easier and simpler!

We offer the entire support needed to open and manage your company in Brazil.

Services we provide
Consulting for new companies (name, website, etc)How to open a company in Brazil
Initial registrationHow to open a company in Brazil
Current operations evaluationHow to open a company in Brazil
Corporate documentationHow to open a company in Brazil
Address and PO Box in BrazilHow to open a company in Brazil
Federal and State fiscal registrationHow to open a company in Brazil
Accounting (according to the American law)How to open a company in Brazil
Tax declarationHow to open a company in Brazil
Operations support in BrazilHow to open a company in Brazil

America Expert wants to offer you not only business opportunities, but also the determination of making your company successful in the American market.
For further details about opening a company in Brazil, please contact us.


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