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US : +1 (305) 824-9100 | BR : + 55 (11) 4200-0712

America Expert LLC
America Expert LLC

Initial Consultation

America Expert understands thyour business is UNIQUE. In order to better assist you we need to understand better your business and needs according to the market and strategies. This initial consultation is essential you achieve your goal.

The consultation fee is US$170 and will be used as credit for future hired services. You have the choice to have you consultation online ( by skype), phone call or in person in our office located in Miami, FL- USA.

Please fill out the following form after the payment has been submitted by clicking at the PayPal button
Initial Consultation
  1. Please make the payment by clicking on the PAY NOW Button, on the left side o four website
  2. Write down the payment code provided by PayPal
  3. Fill out the form below for your consultation (inserting the payment code in the designated field)
  4. Send us form below
  5. We will contact you in less than 24 hours to confirm your meeting with us


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